The Benefits of a Travel Money Card

When travelling, sorting out the cash can often be a frustrating task. Making sure your money is safe when you are abroad can be irritating also, as sometimes you can end up carrying far more around than you need to, or simply not enough – and everyone seems to have stories of losing their wallets or having their bags stolen. A travel money card could be a viable option for travellers to simplify the whole procedure, and can keep your money safer.

Unlike cash, if your travel money card is stolen, the balance that is loaded onto your card is typically transferred to your bank account immediately and no money is lost. It is then possible, at any time of day or night, to request a replacement card if you need one. Also, unlike your debit card, a travel money card does not have any link to your bank account, so even if your travel money card does go missing and is used, the money in your bank account is still 100% safe.

Another card to sort out for your holiday might be seen as an added complication to what is meant to be a relaxing time. However, once a travel money card is purchased, they usually work via a top-up scheme, similar to that of pay-as-you-go mobile phones. This is handy if you are far away from a foreign exchange outlet, because you can actually top up your card with credit via your mobile, and subsequently these top-ups are made at no extra cost. It is also possible to charge your card in branches.

Travel money cards have also been commended for their convenience in comparison to traveller’s cheques. Instead of needing any form of ID, as you would to use a traveller’s cheque, the money on your travel money card can be accessed without anything other than a pin number.

Most travel insurance policies only cover up to a certain amount of cash if your wallet is stolen, and so a travel money card is safer in that respect. Travel money cards also typically cost nothing, although you may have to pay to withdraw cash, many are valid for a number of years, and you can usually travel anywhere with one during that time, and without the hassle of having to buy more currency. So if you are heading abroad to a destination where it may not be convenient or safe to be carrying a lot of cash, a travel money card may be a good consideration.